Grad Student Arrested For Doxxing Republicans Had Tons Of Sensitive Data

Remember the grad student who was arrested for doxxing Republican senators during the Kavanaugh hearings? He was already in a world of trouble when they caught him but it gets worse. He was in possession of a lot of sensitive information.

The College Fix reports:

Grad student who doxxed Republicans had ‘terabytes’ of highly sensitive data

A graduate student from the George Washington University, one who allegedly posted Republican senators’ personal information online during the Brett Kavanaugh controversy, was found to have “downloaded more information than was originally understood,” a judge revealed this week. The information in question was so sensitive that the judge had to clear the courtroom before reviewing it.

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Jackson Cosko, who was arrested for “doxxing” the Republican senators at the height of the Kavanaugh hysteria, apparently had downloaded “terabytes of data” prior to his arrest, The Daily Caller reported this week.. Upon reviewing the material in a sealed courtroom, the judge overseeing the case expressed notable alarm, stating that there is “a sense of great risk to the public” over the possibility of Cosko being allowed access to computers.

Calling Cosko “malicious and hostile,” the judge said: “He downloaded more information that was originally understood. There is no combination of conditions that could ensure the safety of the community.”

“The judge took the unusual step of kicking reporters and even Cosko’s own mother out of the courtroom for more than a half hour while prosecutors and the defense discussed what they found with the judge,” The Caller revealed.

This young man will be very lucky to stay out of jail, but that’s not likely.

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