GREAT NEWS: The View’s Joy Behar Says She Plans To Wear A Mask Indefinitely (VIDEO)

Joy Behar of The View announced on the show this week that she plans to wear a mask indefinitely, even if they’re not required.

Millions of Americans will fully support Joy’s decision to do this.

Now if we could only get her to wear a mask that’s soundproof.

FOX News reports:

‘The View’s’ Joy Behar says she will wear a mask ‘indefinitely’ in public places

Co-host of ABC’s “The View” Joy Behar declared Thursday that she would continue to wear a mask “indefinitely” when in public places despite the continuously dropping number of coronavirus cases across the country or any potential easing of masking guidelines.

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During the opening segment of the show focused on the CDC potentially easing its guidance on wearing masks, Behar told her fellow co-hosts that she was listening to her own guidance rather than the CDC’s because the latter’s were continuously changing, and that she would continue wearing a mask indoors in public places even if the guidelines were eased.

“Personally, I listen to the little voice in my head that doesn’t really follow 100% what they tell me because they keep changing it,” Behar said. “A very short time ago, they were saying put the N95 masks on, and now make sure it’s a – and now they’re saying you don’t have to wear them anymore.”

“So if I go on the subway, if I go in a bus, if I go into the theater … a crowded place, I would wear a mask, and I might do that indefinitely,” she added. “Why do I need the flu or a cold even? And so I’m listening to myself right now. I don’t think it’s 100% safe yet.”

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Here’s the video:

Good for Joy. She should wear a mask all the time.


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