GREAT NEWS! U.S. Navy Scraps Plan To Change Titles For Political Correctness

The Navy was planning to drop terms like ‘seaman’ and others because they contained the word man. Now, they’ve decided to drop the idea.

The Washington Times reported:

Welcome home ‘seaman’: Navy restores traditional job titles lost to political correctness

It is a teachable moment: The U.S. military is fierce and protective about its heritage. Three months ago the Navy announced it would jettison 21 long-standing “ratings” titles in the name of gender-neutral modernity. Such traditional names as “fireman,” “corpsman” and even “seaman” were about to disappear until a whole fleet of authentic sailors sounded the alarm.

The politically correct change did not sit well with active-duty personnel and veterans alike, who petitioned the White House to protect the old titles. They advised that “being known by your job title” was a source of pride, and that the sudden cultural shift had sparked “disgust and outrage” among many seagoing stalwarts. Over 100,000 quickly signed the proclamation.

There’s been a change of heart, and a major course correction.

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In a terse announcement made public shortly before Christmas, Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson revealed that Navy Secretary Ray Mabus and other officials had heard from thousands of disgruntled folk about the new directive.

“The feedback from current and former sailors has been consistent that there is wide support for the flexibility that the plan offers, but the removal of rating titles detracted from accomplishing our major goals.

Our military has bigger things to worry about than political correctness.


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