Greenpeace Aims Huge Banner At White House – Trump Fans Agree With It! (VIDEO)


In their latest stunt, Greenpeace unfurled a massive banner on a crane near the White House.

WTOP reported: 

“Seven protesters believed to be from the environmental group Greenpeace have unfurled a banner reading ‘Resist’ at the top of a 270-foot crane at a downtown Washington construction site just blocks from the White House.

Capt. Robert Glover of the Metropolitan Police Department told reporters Wednesday morning that officers were called to the area of 15th and L streets in Northwest and found three people who weren’t authorized to be at the site attached to the crane. Another four people soon joined them.”

Watch (via C-SPAN):

Here’s the view from the White House (via Peter Alexander):

What do they want President Trump to resist?

Do they want President Trump to resist the expansion of the State?

Do they want President Trump to resist the powerful and Dishonest Media? Do they want President Trump to resist the reach of the Establishment into every area of American life?

On this, Trump fans agree with Greenpeace.

Trump should resist the expansion of the State.

Trump should push back against the powerful and Dishonest Media. Trump should roll back the influence of the Establishment.

In fact, Trump is resisting already.

Thanks for the encouragement, Greenpeace!

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