Greg Gutfeld Mocks FOX News Colleague Chris Wallace For Gushing About Biden Inauguration (VIDEO)

This week, Chris Wallace made an absolute fool of himself by declaring that Biden’s inauguration address was the best one he had ever heard.

The next day on The Five, Greg Gutfeld had some fun at Wallace’s expense.

It was a classic Gutfeld moment.

From the Daily Beast, via Yahoo News:

Fox News Host Mocks His Colleague Chris Wallace for Praising Biden’s Inauguration Speech

Hours after Fox News anchor Chris Wallace heaped praise upon President Joe Biden’s inaugural address, his network colleague Greg Gutfeld roundly mocked the Fox News Sunday moderator’s remarks and, of course, tore apart the new president’s speech.

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Immediately following Biden’s speech, in which he called upon Americans to “end this uncivil war,” Fox News viewers were greeted Wednesday afternoon with Wallace labeling it “the best inaugural address I have ever heard.” Beyond that, the veteran news anchor also touted Biden’s warning to the media about spreading disinformation and lies—something many of his Fox cohorts have especially profited from throughout the Trump era…

Juan Williams tried to bait Gutfeld with a question about conspiracy theories, but Gutfeld went right around him:

“They seasoned it and watered it and it culminated in a year of violence on, get this, both sides,” Gutfeld continued, invoking Trump’s infamous Charlottesville defense that the Fox host now believes was fake news. “So the Dems are great at creating a problem and saying they have a solution. This is called extortion!” The Fox host additionally claimed that the “media-industrial complex” has created division, echoing a previous argument he made the day after the deadly Capitol riots, in which he claimed Trump supporters were “justified” in their distrust of the media or elections.

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“Other than that, Juan, an amazing inauguration,” Gutfeld snarled. “I agree with Chris Wallace, the greatest inauguration I’ve ever seen in my entire life!”

Continuing with the over-the-top mockery of Wallace, he shouted, “And I’ll even go further than Chris Wallace: It’s the greatest inauguration I will ever see! Ever see! I think we should just stop with the inaugurations!”

Watch the whole video below or just skip to the 5:24 mark:

Gutfeld deserves credit for pointing out Wallace’s foolishness.

Millions of Americans see it the same way.


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