Greg Gutfeld On Supreme Court Rulings: ‘The Super Bowl Of Liberal Meltdowns’ (VIDEO)

This week was a rough one for liberals.

First the Supreme Court issued a ruling that expanded concealed carry for law abiding Americans.

Then the big one happened. The Supreme Court overturned Roe vs. Wade, a decision so huge it almost doesn’t seem real.

Greg Gutfeld addressed all of this in a monologue on his show in the way that only he can.

From FOX News:

Greg Gutfeld: Supreme Court’s rulings on guns and abortion in one week is the Super Bowl of Liberal meltdowns

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Happy Friday everyone. What a week, huh. If you’re a fan of liberal meltdowns, well kids, this is your Super Bowl wrapped in a World Series with a Stanley Cup chaser. It’s all sports stuff.

First, the Supreme Court strikes down New York state’s regulations for concealed carry pistol permits, which allows all, got some murderers in the office, in the audience. But that allows more law-abiding Americans the right to carry in public spaces, where not so law-abiding citizens are already doing the same…

Yeah, the frantic, miserable takes came in hot and heavy. But you may not notice since these freaks are miserable all the time. But man, do they hate it when law-abiding people finally get the same protections as thugs. Apparently the left worries that those poor felons might get shot when they’re trying to shoot you.

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Remember, it’s these idiots who pushed for de-funding of the police and gun control at the same time.

Like an intern for Andrew Cuomo, you get squeezed at both ends. I don’t get it, I didn’t write this stuff, it’s disgusting.

The system won’t protect you and neither can you. You’re like a kidnapping victim after the search for you has been called off. But you can see why the left is pissed, crime doesn’t affect them, they live in nice places, have private security. So, no wonder this dolt finds it shocking. Absolutely shocking.

This was a great line:

And now we have Roe v. Wade overturned. And here’s the obvious one sentence explanation, guns are in the Constitution, abortion isn’t. You can love it or hate it, but it’s hard to argue that point.

Watch the video below:

As always, Greg is funny and correct.

What a week.


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