Greg Gutfeld: Response To Hurricane Shows American People More United Than Media Ever Says (VIDEO)

The response to Hurricane Harvey has been spectacular to watch. People of all races, ages and backgrounds have come together as Americans to help each other. It’s a big difference from the way the media portrays America as being so divided.

Last night on the Five, Greg Gutfeld delivered a powerful monologue on this subject. Here’s what he said:

“You know what else takes a hit when disaster strikes? Opinion slingers like me, who are sidelined as we become like you – witnesses to real news, not fake news, real news. When all you have are visuals of human misery and human spirit, who needs me? The only thing that matters is helping the helpless. And as real news erupts, crud like identity politics, MTV music awards, Kathy Griffin, they return to where they belong. Toys in the closet, suddenly outgrown and forgettable.”

“Shallow minds can’t survive a flood, although some have tried. Slate, a blog, calls the heroism that we’ve seen a myth. Climate change apostles use the crisis to mob skeptics. Academics joke about karma. The media knocks Melania for her shoes, and knocks Mr. Trump for his lack of empathy. To that point, what did emotional expression get you in Katrina?”

Watch the whole thing, this is fantastic:

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