Greg Gutfeld Roasts Media And Democrats: ‘They’re Incestuous, They’re Interchangeable’ (VIDEO)

On The Five this weekend, co-host Greg Gutfeld slammed the media and Democrats for being indistinguishable from each other.

He made these comments after a clip was shown with various members of the liberal media parroting the exact same Democrat talking points about Trump and Nancy Pelosi.

News Busters reports:

Gutfeld Torches Democrats and Media as ‘Incestuous’ and ‘Interchangeable’

As NewsBusters has previously reported, the media was clearly on Team Pelosi. Reacting to the media and the Democrats’ use of the “same talking point,” Gutfeld described how the montage showed that “the media and the Democrats are almost…they’re incestuous, they’re interchangeable,” adding “you don’t know which one’s on the leash and which one’s pulling the pet.”

Here’s the transcript:

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WATTERS: And of course, the media cheering Pelosi on, ignoring her attacks, while criticizing President Trump for his. They’re also using the exact same talking point.


ANDERSON COOPER: Good evening and once again, the world is learning just how easy it is to get under the skin of the most powerful man on Earth.

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HALLIE JACKSON: Why does Nancy Pelosi get under the President’s skin so much?

MAGGIE HABERMAN: Pelosi, for some reason, gets under his skin.

MATT MILLER: They very clearly got under his skin.

DOUGLAS BRINKLEY: He got petulant, he got small because Pelosi got under his skin.

DON LEMON: The Speaker’s really getting under the President’s skin.

CHRIS HAYES: She has a strategy for dealing with the President and is extremely effective at getting under his skin.


WATTERS: And Joe Scarborough is floating this ridiculous conspiracy theory about the President.


JOE SCARBOROUGH: The President, of course, during the campaign, we’ve said it. People closest to him told us that they feared that he was in mental decline. People very close to him told us that they feared that he was in pre-dementia, that he had changed.


WATTERS: All right, Greg, I want to get to a lot here but first, the same talking point.

GREG GUTFELD: Yeah, just with Joe, he’s the last person who should be talking about mental decline. Was that played at half speed? I mean, seriously, he has lost…he’s lost a few steps. Okay. This, like, under your skin thing…


GUTFELD: …has, I heard that three times to my face by three different people and it’s, it’s now the news peg. And it, it shows the point how the media and the Democrats are almost…they’re incestuous, they’re interchangeable. You don’t know which one’s on the leash…

Watch the video:

Gutfeld is so right about this. The liberal media and the Democrats have so much overlap you don’t know where one ends and the other begins.


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