Greg Gutfeld Slams Flailing Biden Administration: ‘There’s Nobody In Charge’ (VIDEO)

The FOX News panel show ‘The Five’ talked about Biden’s tanking poll numbers on Thursday and offered some reasons for the downward trend.

Greg Gutfeld suggested one of the main problems is the lack of leadership.

He also suggested that this wouldn’t be happening under Trump.

FOX News reports:

Gutfeld says Biden administration operating like ‘a decapitated vessel on a tricycle:’ ‘There’s no head’

“The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld offered up a Halloween analogy on the show Thursday to describe the Biden administration’s tepid response to skyrocketing inflation and the ongoing supply chain crisis.

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“The White House is coming to Halloween as the headless horseman because the administration has no head. There’s no leadership,” he said. “There’s no face of the administration. It’s not Jen Psaki. It’s a decapitated vessel on a tricycle, is what we have right now, and there are no ideas and only spending because there’s no head.”…

“Where are the emergency orders, to free up money for truck driver schools, to temporarily lift bans on freelance trucking or suspend regulations?” Gutfeld asked.

“Joe’s previous emergency orders weren’t this urgent and some of them you might say were symbolic,” he charged, referring to the executive order that shut down construction of the Keystone XL pipeline at the start of his administration.

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“That’s the problem. There’s nobody in charge,” Gutfeld continued. “Say what you will about Trump, he probably would have crushed this. He would have dealt with this the way he dealt with the vaccine. He would have had a warp speed for truckers the second day you heard about it.”

Watch the video below:

Biden has a lot of problems but Gutfeld is right about the lack of leadership.

Biden seems out to sea without a rudder. He really seems powerless to solve the problems facing the country right now.


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