Greg Gutfeld Slams Media For Attacking Mike Lindell Of My Pillow At Trump Presser (VIDEO)

After Mike Lindell of My Pillow spoke at Trump’s presser on Monday, the media behaved shamefully by attacking him.

They ridiculed his presence at the event, even though Lindell was there to talk about how his company is now manufacturing needed face masks for hospitals.

Greg Gutfeld went after these media lowlifes in a monologue on The Five on Tuesday.

From FOX News:

Gutfeld on the media and the virus

Faced with criticism, members of the media will say it’s their job to hold people accountable. Like that MyPillow guy at a White House briefing. What a dork!

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“I think these briefings could be … better designed,” reporter Jim Acosta said on CNN. “The president could come out, say a few words in terms of what his administration is doing, not have these PR stunts like ‘Mr. Pillow’ coming out and giving a plug for his company.”

On MSNBC, Chris Hayes said: “It’s obviously above my pay grade. I don’t make the call whether we take [White House press conferences] or not, but it seems crazy to me that everyone is taking them when you have the MyPillow guy getting up there talking about reading the Bible.”

It wasn’t just TV. Non-essential bozos with blue checkmarks also mocked MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell on social media.

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While these turds snarked away, Lindell was converting his business to make 50,000 face masks daily. So laugh all you want. The object of your ridicule will save lives.

The fact is, Lindell is an American success story. But because he mentions the Bible too much, he’s worthy of media scorn. They’re so much better than him!

Watch the video below:

Greg went after these people on Twitter, too:

Greg is in the right, here.


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