Greg Gutfeld: This Isn’t A Real Scandal – It’s “Scandal Impersonation” (VIDEO)

Greg Gutfeld of FOX News recently went off over the Ukraine story.

He suggested that the only reason it’s an issue is because the media is talking about it non-stop and creating a controversy by repeatedly pushing it.

In the end, it becomes self-perpetuating.

From FOX News:

Greg Gutfeld says voters angry at media for Trump-Biden coverage, supporting the ‘orange devil’ to spite them

Greg Gutfeld blasted some members of the media Tuesday for “shaping public opinion” of the Trump-Ukraine story, saying it doesn’t warrant the hyperventilating coverage it has received.

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“I mean, we are being sold a bill of goods. Remember the good old days when scandals were scandalous? I mean Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica-gate. This is scandal impersonation,” Gutfeld said on “The Five.” “I’m insulted that I’m wasting my time listening to this crap.”…

“It’s like… when you were a kid, you woke up in the middle of the night [and] you thought there was a monster in your room, but it was just clothes on a chair,” Gutfeld added. “This is clothes on a chair.”

As Democrats ramp up their push for impeachment, the Trump 2020 campaign’s fundraising arm said Tuesday that it has raised more than $308 million in 2019 and has more than $156 million in the bank.

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Gutfeld believes the Trump campaign has been able to benefit from the formal impeachment inquiry because they are angry about hearing about the scandals from the media and Democrats.

Watch the video below:

Greg had this to say about his rant:

He’s certainly right about the media.

They are driving this because they’re pretty much all Democrats themselves.


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