GUN SALES DROP After Trump Wins Presidency – 2A Supporters Breathe SIGH OF RELIEF?


As president, Obama did one thing really well: He drove up gun sales. In fact, he drove them up to record levels as many people believed he would try to repeal the Second Amendment.

Gun sales rose even higher in the months leading up to the November election as people thought Hillary Clinton might become president.

Now that Trump has won, gun sales are slowing down. Second Amendment supporters are breathing a sigh of relief. reported:

Gun sales slow in days after Donald Trump secures presidency

Gun sellers are reporting that business has slowed down as post-election fears of gun control wane and customers no longer feel the pinch to stock up on guns.

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Doug’s Shoot ’n Sports out of Utah said the election results immediately impacted his business.

“I did have one gentleman order a gun from me on Tuesday, and then after the election results came in he called me and said, ‘Dave, let’s cancel that order,’” sales manager Dave Larsen told the local Fox station. “I asked him point blank, ‘Is this because Donald won?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, kind of.’

Larsen’s family been in the gun business for over 40 years and he has seen politics effect sales over the last three decades. Larsen said based on his experience, he chose not to stock up on firearms prior to this election. Other dealers, however, took advantage of the national polls predicting a Hillary Clinton win and bought big.

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“Some dealers stocked up, and now they are probably a little heavy with the Trump win,” Larsen said.

In Donald Trump, we finally have a president who respects the Second Amendment.

Thank God!


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