H.A. Goodman Predicts Republicans Will Keep House And Senate In Midterms (VIDEO)

H.A. Goodman is a writer and podcaster. During the 2016 election, he was a Bernie supporter but now he is a Trump supporter. He is predicting that the Republicans will win the House and the Senate in the midterms.

He made the case in an article for the Daily Caller:


Talk of a Blue Wave during the 2018 congressional midterms is reminiscent of the media’s coverage of a Clinton landslide during the 2016 presidential elections.

Media and Democrats have overlooked several key factors, from Trump’s approval rating within the GOP to over 4-percent GDP growth for the latest quarter.

Misreports are paving the way for yet another stunning defeat, with liberal pundits forced to explain again why they were wrong with allegedly data-driven predictions. Below are six reasons Democrats will not be able to wrestle control of the House and Senate away from Republicans in November:

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1. Democrats have only won two of ten special elections for Congress against Republican challengers since Trump’s election.

Since Trump’s election, Republicans have won special elections for Congress in Kansas, Montana, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah, Arizona, Texas and Ohio. Democrats have only two victories, in Alabama and Pennsylvania, that were linked to Republican incumbents or challengers disgraced by bizarre sex scandals. When you’re running against Roy Moore or the GOP incumbent is someone like Tim Murphy, close victories shouldn’t be a sign of any Blue Wave.

Then he talked about it on his podcast. Watch:

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We hope he is right!


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