Harvard Medical School Study Says Reparations Would Have Slowed Spread Of COVID-19

A new study from Harvard Medical school is claiming that the spread of COVID-19 could have been slowed by reparations.

Have you noticed that the left often uses situations like this to push their agenda?

Never let a crisis go to waste, right?

FOX News reports:

Harvard Medical School study claims slavery reparations would have mitigated coronavirus spread

Researchers from Harvard Medical School are claiming that slavery reparations would have helped limit the spread of COVID-19 for Black people in the U.S.

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“A restitutive program targeted towards Black individuals would not only decrease COVID-19 risk for recipients of the wealth redistribution, the mitigating effects would also be distributed across racial groups, benefiting the population at large,” reads the study published earlier this month.

More specifically, it estimates that COVID-19 transmission in Louisiana would have fallen by 31%-68% if descendants of African slaves received financial reparations prior to the pandemic.

“At the immediate outset,” the study reads, “path-dependent structural inequalities such as greater overcrowding, concentration in frontline work, and hyperincarceration led directly to greater exposure and transmission among Black people.”

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Researchers purported to model the impact of monetary payments of $800,000 per household (or $250,000 per individual). They compared those results with outbreak data from South Korea, which the study describes as “a relatively egalitarian polity.”

It’s just further evidence that higher education has been completely taken over by the far left.

Would reparations stop climate change too?


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