Have You Heard About HINDUS FOR TRUMP?

Hindus For Trump

Donald Trump is apparently getting huge support from America’s Hindu community which values hard work and self reliance. One member of the group recently explained why they support Trump.

From Real Clear Politics:

Hindus for Donald Trump

As a founding member of the Republican Hindu Coalition, I am going out of my way to support Republicans in the 2016 election cycle, including Donald Trump. There are many reasons to back the Republican Party, foremost of which is its embrace of traditional values—values shared by the Hindu family.

At the Republican Hindu Coalition, we recognize that our success as a minority group, and as an immigrant group, comes from our love of free enterprise.

We as a people, and I as businessman, believe that both material and spiritual human prosperity come from a system in which individuals are free to pursue their dreams and aspirations, where private enterprise creates economic expansion and jobs, and where government involvement in the lives of the citizenry is limited. Human development comes from individuals, families and communities, and not from government, which only spends taxpayers’ money without much regard for its value.

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Some four million Hindus reside in the United States. As a group, we have a higher per capita income than any other group. We also have the highest average education levels, the highest proportion of people employed as managers, the highest number of entrepreneurs (one in seven), the largest donations to charity, and are the least dependent on government. Self-sufficiency is a given in our community, and we don’t spend more than we earn. Hindu-Americans pay almost $50 billion per year in taxes, and we expect the government to be as judicious with its income as we are as individuals.

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Since most Hindus are Indian Americans and therefore a minority, don’t expect the media to report on them. That would help disprove the liberal narrative that Trump is a racist.

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See the group’s Facebook page here.



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