Here’s How Trump Supporters Could Go Around Congress To Fund The Border Wall

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin recently asked readers how the border wall could get funded if Congress won’t get the job done. He got some great suggestions.

From his column:

Why hasn’t someone made a GoFundMe for Trump’s wall?

Let the people who support the wall pay for it — directly and voluntarily. That’s what a number of readers suggest.

They were responding to a letter I published last week from a man named Nolan Thomson Hare. He wanted to know how he could help fund a barrier, asking, “Can you please give me a note about where I can find a campaign organized to collect money from the general public?”

I didn’t have an answer, but asked for suggestions. The response was quick and enthusiastic, and here are examples.

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“I just said to my wife this morning that someone should start a GoFundMe site for the wall,” said reader Robert Zorcik.

“It seems that the taxes we pay are not going to be spent for our border protection by Chuck and Nancy and a number of Republicans.

“Shame on them! Let’s get it built!”

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Jack Murray was blunt and creative. He did the math and came up with this calculation: “If the 63 million people who voted for Trump each pledge $80, we can build the wall.”

Mike Triunfo is also ready to support a GoFundMe effort. “All someone has to do is start and I guarantee money will flow in like the thousands of illegal immigrants bum rushing the border,” he writes.

This is an excellent idea. Would you contribute $80 to a campaign to get the wall built?


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