HE’S NOW CONFIRMED: Watch Rex Tillerson Offer First Remarks As New Secretary Of State (VIDEO)

The Democrats objected to Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State but they lost the battle. He has been sworn in and is now the nation’s top diplomat.

This morning he offered his first comments in his new role.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

I know many of you have assisted ambassadors and other officials during the Senate confirmation process. And indeed, some of you have been through it yourself. Having just come through it for the first time, I can assure you the Senate still takes it as serious as ever. They’re as energetic as ever. They’re as thorough as ever, but we’re here.

So in the days and weeks ahead, we’re going to have plenty of opportunity to discuss in more detail the goals, the priorities and the strategic direction for our organization. But for now, I really want to take a few minutes to communicate my high regard for the men and women of the State Department, and share with you some principles for all of us to live by as we pursue our shared mission.

The individuals who comprise this department are among the finest public servants in the world. Many of you serve our nation abroad and have served our nation abroad. State Department staffers in the field are not just conduits for policies and plans, you are our emissaries of our nation and the ideals we stand for. When people see you, they see America.

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When I wake up each morning, the very first thing I ask myself is: Are all of our people safe? The safety of every single member of our State Department family regardless of where he or she is posted, is not just a priority for me. It’s a core value. And it will become a core value of this department.

Watch the video:

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He’s going to be a huge improvement over John Kerry!


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