HE’S TOAST: Liberal Journalist Says Beto O’Rourke ‘Blew It’

Beto O’Rourke has gotten so desperate to stay in the spotlight that he is proposing the United States spend $5 trillion dollars fighting climate change.

It’s an amazing reversal of fortune, considering he was the darling of the left and their media allies just a month ago.

Now, even liberal journalists are turning on him.

Margaret Carlson writes at The Daily Beast:

Beto O’Rourke Blew It

Beto O’Rourke has flamed out. It’s not just me saying it. Polls have shown him slipping for weeks and on Wednesday Quinnipiac confirmed the worst. The one-time wonder Beto O’Rourke is at 5 percent, behind every other first-tier candidate.

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You can thank, or blame, women who make up almost 58 percent of the primary electorate for Beto’s decline. Disproportionately, they don’t like him.

According to my unscientific poll asking every woman I see, Beto reminds them of the worst boyfriend they ever had: self-involved, convinced of his own charm, chronically late if he shows up at all, worth a meal or two but definitely not marriage material.

When he should be home with the kids or taking out the trash, he’s jamming with his garage band or skateboarding at Whataburger. He’s “in and out of a funk” which requires long and meaningful runs to clear his head.

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Every thought he has is transcendent, worthy of being narrated, videotaped, and blogged. He is always out finding himself. At age 46, the man asking to run the country is currently lost.

Some people are wondering how the left could pull such a massive about-face.

Jim Geraghty writes at National Review:

Where Was All of This Skepticism about Beto Last Year?

Over at the Daily Beast, Margaret Carlson doesn’t think it’s too early to administer last rites to the Beto O’Rourke presidential campaign, and offers a blistering assessment of O’Rourke as a fundamentally unserious candidate…

As far as I can tell, Carlson never wrote about O’Rourke last year. But last year, various writers at the Daily Beast labeled him a “liberal hero . . . with a penchant for going viral,” that he’s “break[ing] down the walls between candidate and constituents,”that his “fundraising operation is still proving to be a remarkable success, one that some of the top digital operatives in the Democratic Party believe could be foundational for future campaigns,” that his “supporters tout his quite liberal policy positions only after gushing about him as a person,” and they even declared that his dental visit “livestream was admirable in principle.”

Geraghty makes a great point, but the bottom line is that Beto is not likely to be the Dem nominee.


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