HILARIOUS: Nancy Pelosi Thinks Democrats Can Fight Trump On The Economy

Now that their impeachment efforts have completely failed, Democrats need to find a new line of attack on Trump.

Nancy Pelosi apparently thinks the economy is just the ticket.

To a sane person, taking on Trump during record low unemployment and record high GDP would seem crazy, but we are talking about the Democrats here.

Politico reports:

With impeachment in rear view, Pelosi looks to next attack on Trump

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is looking to make a sharp pivot ¨from the heated politics of impeachment and lash President Donald Trump in another key area: the economy.

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In a series of private meetings this week, Pelosi has all but explicitly told her members that with the election just nine months away, it’s time for Democrats to shift the spotlight away from the Ukraine scandal and other controversies ensnaring Trump.

To further underscore that point, Pelosi hosted a special speaker’s meeting on Tuesday with a top Obama economics adviser to explain to Democrats why the economy isn’t actually as strong as Trump claims and how they can message that to voters…

Democrats, including Pelosi, argue that they’ve been talking about the economy nonstop since taking back control of the House — and have passed a new major trade agreement and a slew of other bills, most of which are languishing in the Republican Senate.

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But after the Senate cleared Trump, Democrats are privately hoping their message can break through and damage a president who is heading into his reelection campaign more emboldened than ever.

Do Democrats REALLY think anyone is going to buy this? People know exactly who deserves credit for the booming economy.

Pelosi is dreaming.


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