Hillary Clinton is Fighting to Get This Ad Off The Airwaves (VIDEO)

Hillary India

A PAC which supports Donald Trump has created a damning ad which highlights the fact that Hillary sold out American workers for a massive fee she received after giving a speech in India.

She doesn’t want the American public to see the ad.

The New York Post reports:

Clinton campaigns move to force Trump super-PAC ad off TV

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is pressuring TV stations across the country to stop airing an anti-Clinton political ad sponsored by the pro-Trump super-PAC Rebuilding America Now.

The campaign claims the ad, titled “Outsourcing,” is “directly contracted by evidence in the public record.”

The ad claims Clinton went to India and talked up outsourcing — and then received a donation from Indian politician Amar Singh of up to $5 million in 2008.

The Clinton campaign contends that the donation was made in a different year.

A lawyer for Rebuilding America Now, Cleta Mitchell, said the political ad “is well within the scope of important public discourse.”

Watch the ad below:

No wonder she doesn’t want people to see it.


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