Hillary Clinton’s New Book Gets Trashed – By The Huffington Post!

You would probably expect a Conservative news outlet to be critical of Hillary Clinton’s new book. But a new review of the book in the Liberal Huffington Post is merciless.

Take a look at this:

What Should Have Happened In Hillary Clinton’s Useless Book

She’s not trying to be honest or readable; Clinton is still desperate for you to support her campaign. Everything she writes feels metallic in the mouth, weightless and inauthentic. She starts her book with a record of what she felt watching Trump’s inauguration. “Deep breath. Feel the air fill my lungs. This is the right thing to do. … I’m imagining I’m anywhere but here, Bali maybe? Bali would be good.” This is not how a 69-year-old woman writes. It’s an imitation of how some of her fans write, a sterile, chatty facsimile of a first-person blog. She wants, still, to be relatable…

In literary terms, the book could be classed as a Mary Sue self-insertion fanfic. Reading What Happened induces a horrifying claustrophobia, the feeling of being pent up in a small room as someone delivers an unending lecture about how much better they are than everyone else. Like every horrifying little room, this one is cluttered with cutesy sayings on every wall. Each chapter begins and ends with an inspirational quote about believing in yourself and reaching higher, 25 epigraphs in total. One (“It is hard to be a woman. You must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl, and work like a horse”) is attributed to “a sign that hangs in my house.”…

What Happened doesn’t describe a real election but the image of one; it’s soaringly, malignantly useless.

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That is so brutal! Poor Hillary. When you’ve lost the Huffington Post…


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