Hillary: President Trump Would Probably Use The IRS Against His Critics (VIDEO)

Hillary Trump IRS

Hillary Clinton has a new warning. If Donald Trump is president, he might use the IRS to go after his critics. Can you imagine such a thing? What kind of power crazed person would do such a thing?

Other than you know… President Obama.

Hillary Clinton is either really stupid, or she hopes we are.

Hot Air reports:

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Hillary: Can you imagine electing a vindictive man who might … send the IRS after his critics?

You know what? I can imagine it. Pretty vividly, actually. Right down to the names of the “hypothetical” IRS officers involved.

Of all the examples she could have cited to make the point that Trump is a loose cannon, how did she and her speechwriters conclude that this was one worth floating? I understand calling him out for wanting to issue illegal orders to the military; that’s the most alarming thing he’s said since he got in the race. But attacking Trump over a potential IRS gone rogue is like attacking him for potentially wanting to intervene in foreign civil wars without Congress’s approval. We’ve seen that movie already. In fact, Hillary Clinton produced that movie.

Watch the video:

Isn’t it funny how people warn of things Trump could do while Obama and Hillary are already doing them?


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