Hillary Says State Department Email System Was Hacked But Not Hers (VIDEO)


Last night on NBC’s Presidential Forum, Hillary Clinton made the astonishing statement that the State Department’s email system was hacked but not her personal email system.

The Business Insider has the transcript:

“Of course there were no discussions of any of the covert actions in process being determined about whether or not to go forward,” Clinton said. “But every part of our government had to deal with questions and our secretary of state’s office was first and foremost, so there are ways of talking about the drone program in —”

Lauer cut in.

“And you said you thought your communications on that were fairly routine,” he said.

Clinton responded, “Well, let me just say, the FBI just released their report about their investigation. They discussed drone matters in the unclassified section of the report.”

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Lauer pointed out that Comey also said that “there is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position should have known that an unclassified system is no place for that conversation.”

Clinton noted that experienced foreign policy experts and defense officials were communicating on an unclassified system.

Lauer pivoted to the question of whether hostile actors could have accessed Clinton’s emails that were stored on her private server.

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“Matt, there is no evidence, of course anything is possible, but what is factual is the State Department’s system was hacked,” Clinton said. “Most of the government systems are way behind the curve. We’ve had hacking repeatedly, even in the White House. There is no evidence my system was hacked.”

Watch to the end for the exchange:

We’re supposed to believe that her personal system was safer than the State Department’s?


(Image is a screen cap.)


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