Hillary Tells Supporters She Hopes Someone FOLLOWS The Black Protester Ejected From Her Rally (VIDEO)


Yesterday, Hillary Clinton held a rally at Wayne State in Detroit. A black man in the crowd who was wearing a Bill Clinton “RAPE” shirt was ejected from the event by security and Hillary actually said she hoped someone followed him out of the venue.

From the Washington Examiner:

Clinton suggests intervention for protester wearing Bill Clinton ‘rape’ shirt

Hillary Clinton encouraged supporters Monday to follow and stage an intervention for a protester who was removed by security after he interrupted her rally in Detroit.

“You know,” Clinton said after the demonstrator was forcibly removed from her campaign event, “I do hope somebody follows that gentleman out and stages an intervention.”

Watch the video:

Try to imagine the media’s reaction if Trump had committed such a gaffe.

They’d go nuts.

Hillary gets a pass, as usual.

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