Hillary’s Ridiculous Double Standard on Trump and Conspiracy Theories

Hillary tin foil hat

Hillary Clinton and other Democrats love to criticize Donald Trump for embracing so-called conspiracy theories in one breath while espousing conspiracy theories themselves. Have you noticed this?

For instance, when it comes to Hillary Clinton’s poor health, her scandals or anything having to do with the Clinton Foundation, everything is a conspiracy theory.

Hillary took this position yesterday. Via Real Clear Politics:

Clinton: I Have Created So Many Jobs In The “Conspiracy Theory Machine Factory”

HILLARY CLINTON: I know how to work with republicans and I believe we can get results if I am president. But I have no doubt they would prefer not to have another Democratic president in the White House.

So I’m running nor job. I believe I’m the best person for this job and they’re going to keep coming after me, and the example about the Congressman calling for more hearings is just a perfect segue.

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The FBI resolved all of this, their report answered all the questions, the findings included debunking his latest conspiracy theories.

I believe I have created so many jobs in the conspiracy theory machine factory, because honestly, they never quit. They keep coming back. And here’s another one.

It’s been debunked, if that’s how they want to spend their time instead of looking to address the problems of the American people, that’s their choice. But when I’m president, we’re going get down to business and we’re going to get results.

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Here’s the video:

See? It’s all just a conspiracy theory. Unless it isn’t.

Here’s something Hillary said within the same 24 hours, via NBC News:

Hillary Clinton Suggests Alleged Russian Hacking Is Designed to Help Trump

Hillary Clinton accused Russia of trying to “interfere with our election,” suggesting that Moscow’s alleged hacking attempts against her party were designed to bolster Donald Trump.

According to U.S. officials, Russian intelligence agencies were behind cyber-attacks against the Democratic National Committee in July. Intelligence officials told NBC News last week that Russia-based hackers were also behind two recent attempts to breach voter registration databases.

Following the DNC breach, Trump appeared to publicly invite Russia to find and release Hillary Clinton’s emails. He later claimed he was being sarcastic and not inviting a foreign power to hack.

It seems to work this way…

If something hurts Hillary, it’s a conspiracy theory.

If something helps Hillary it isn’t a conspiracy theory.

Funny that.



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