Hispanic Trump Spokeswoman Schools Hillary Backer With Facts On CNN (VIDEO)


Trump campaign adviser and Hispanic spokeswoman A.J. Delgado recently appeared on CNN and gave a Hillary surrogate an education. Maria Cardona insisted that Hillary has done many things for the Hispanic community, to which Delgado simply replied “name one way.”

The Daily Wire has more:

Hillary Backer Gets Schooled with Actual Facts During Contentious CNN Segment

Appearing on Anderson Cooper 360, A.J. Delgado, one of the Trump campaign’s senior advisors, laid into Democratic Political Strategist Maria Cardona about Hillary Clinton’s support for the Latino community.

Delgado started the fight by serving up some relevant factoids:

“I do give her credit though for addressing the Latino community. You have to have a lot of nerve to do that when some years ago, she’s on tape saying that she is ‘adamantly opposed to illegal immigrants.’ Not to illegal immigration, to the immigrants themselves. So I find it funny she has the nerve to address us. I’ll give her credit.

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I also find it quite ironic that she brought up Cesar Chavez…because Cesar Chavez’s policy–and he’s a great Latino icon, and a legend among our community–was very much in line with Donald Trump’s. He used to patrol the border to keep illegal immigrants out. Why? Because he believed, like Donald Trump, in helping the Latino-Americans who are in the U.S.”

Maria Cardona was not pleased.

She responded by talking about how much Hillary Clinton has done for the Hispanic community, like how in the 1970s, “she was out registering Latino voters…way before it was cool to register Latino voters.”

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Cardona added:

“She fought for our families, for our children, for immigrants–legal and undocumented.”

Delgado interrupted Cardona and asked her to “name one way” in which Clinton has helped the Latino community.

Watch the whole thing below:

It looks like the Trump campaign made a smart move by hiring Delgado!


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