Historian Calls Trump One Of America’s Greatest Presidents In New Book

Doug Wead is a historian and best-selling author.

His new book is about Trump and his presidency, which Wead suggests is one of America’s greatest presidencies.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Historian: Trump ‘one of America’s great presidents,’ impeachment no ‘scar’

President Trump should be considered one of America’s “greatest presidents” for his achievements so far despite the impeachment drive that in the end, will be viewed as a partisan attack similar to the Russia collusion charge, according to a New York Times best-selling historian and presidential adviser.

“Donald Trump should easily be ranked as one of America’s great presidents,” writes Doug Wead in his upcoming book, Inside Trump’s White House: The Real Story Of His Presidency, a copy of which was shared with Secrets today.

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In listing Trump’s efforts on the economy, in foreign policy, and presidential communications, Wead argued that the president’s legacy won’t be destroyed by impeachment because it showed that he was under Democratic attack from the start yet still accomplished his agenda.

“It is very possible that the preposterous Russian collusion story has successfully inoculated Donald Trump from any new scandals that the impeachment process can uncover. While Russian collusion was meant to be a knockout blow, it may, in the end, be his key to political survival,” wrote Wead, an adviser to both Bush presidencies and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Wead says that even if Trump is impeached by the House, it will not leave a lasting mark on his time in office:

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In a note, he also told Secrets, “I am not saying that he won’t be impeached. Rather I am saying that impeachment will not be the scar on his legacy as it otherwise would be if it weren’t for the failed attempt to tar him with Russian collusion.”

Unfortunately, Wead has received death threats just for writing this book:

The left simply cannot accept anything that defies their anti-Trump obsession.


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