Historically Black College Leader: So Far Trump Is Better Than Obama

Trump met with leaders from historically black colleges at the White House right after being sworn in to reassure them that he would do what he could to help.

Apparently, his efforts are paying off.

PJ Media reports:

Historically Black College Leader: So Far, Trump a Step UP From Obama

We heard Donald Trump was evil, a racist, sexist homophobe. Little evidence was presented to support this beyond Trump’s desire to end illegal immigration and to block a massive influx of refugees from terror hotbeds from entering the United States.

It was all shameful, cynical politics. And some Americans are finally realizing they were lied to by the media and the Democratic Party.

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Despite the boos for Education Secretary Betsy DeVos at Bethune-Cookman, leaders of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are noticing that Trump is a step up from Obama:

“For [President] Obama, people expected him to come in and fix everything — especially for black people. … But he never campaigned strongly for HBCUs,” said Walter Kimbrough, president of Dillard University in New Orleans, using the common abbreviation for the schools.

Now, he says, the reverse has happened — Trump came in with no expectations placed on him, and some black educators have been pleasantly surprised.

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This news is going to drive Democrats and the media insane.

Nothing is working out as they planned.


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