Hollywood Actor Decries Liberal Authoritarianism, Gets Attacked By Liberals

If there’s one thing the left hates, it’s someone in the entertainment industry who strays off the Democrat plantation. Actor Mark Pellegrino isn’t a conservative but he’s not a leftist and he thinks for himself.

That makes him a big problem to many on the left.

Heat Street reports:

‘Supernatural’ Actor Mark Pellegrino Attacked for Opposing Leftist Authoritarianism

Lost and Supernatural actor Mark Pellegrino became the subject of controversy Tuesday after his Supernatural co-actor Adam Rose tweeted out a selfie of the two of them hanging out with the words “Thanks for being awesome. Always love hanging out with you. Even though you’re Lucifer himself.”

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Despite being an innocuous tweet, Rose stated that he received a lot of hate for making it. The nice guy that he is, Rose even apologized for hurting anyone’s feelings over the previous statement. So why would anyone be upset about a selfie of two actors on the same show?

The answer lies with Pellegrino’s politics. While not a Trump supporter, Pellegrino has been calling out the left’s authoritarian streak and its attempts to shut down free speech through political correctness. He joins the ranks of politically incorrect actors like Adam Baldwin and Into the Badlands star Daniel Wu, who spoke out against the concept of cultural appropriation.

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Pellegrino, who identifies as a classical liberal, has been calling out the hypocrisy of both extreme sides of the political spectrum for months. He openly speaks out against progressive authoritarianism, to the chagrin of ideologues.

You can see an example from Mark’s Twitter feed below:

We need more people like Pellegrino in Hollywood.



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