HORROR! Crazed Leftists Attack “Deploraball” With Smoke Bombs, TEAR GAS USED! (VIDEO)

This is horrible!!

In the Project Veritas sting, it came out that Leftists were planning to target the “Deploraball” in DC ahead of the Inauguration.

The Leftists were reported to the authorities, but many showed up at the National Press Club, where the “Deploraball” is taking place:

Now there’s tear gas!

RT is reporting: 

“Protesters outside the “Deploraball” have been tear-gassed ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump. RT America is on the scene in Washington, DC. It’s unclear who was using the mace. Police fired some sort of tear gas at demonstrators, according to RT’s Alexander Rubinstein. The protesters are throwing things at officers, including posters and water balloons. ‘There are explosions,’ Rubinstein said.”

Now, there is video from the front of the event. It shows smoke bombs and batteries were thrown!

Here’s Jack Posobiec talking about what happened:

What courage!

Here’s more video from the front of the event:

“I can’t get in. These people are psychotic . . . They’re spraying people.”

She’s taking it in stride!

Stay safe, Deplorables!!

Update: Fox News got there later. Here’s their report:

Two questions:

1. Why is a kid there?

2. Since Obama is still President, did the kid mean Obama?

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