Host On The View Blames Failure Of Kamala Harris Campaign On Racism And Sexism (VIDEO)

Sunny Hostin of The View recently blamed racism and sexism in part for the failure of the Kamala Harris campaign.

Does she realize that she is talking about Democrat primary voters?

Why do people on the left keep making this mistake?

News Busters reports:

The View’s Hostin Pouts Kamala Harris Faced ‘Unprecedented Sexism, Racism’

In what has increasingly become Democrats’ favorite excuse, The View’s Sunny Hostin claimed Kamala Harris’s failed campaign was due to racism and sexism. On Wednesday’s show, the co-host was visibly distraught at the news Harris had dropped out of the 2020 race.

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Instead of acknowledging the Democrat’s campaign problems, Hostin pulled the race and gender cards. Along with Joy Behar, she also suggested the country was more racist after they elected Barack Obama twice, because voters then elected President Trump.

Here’s her quote:

I think she spoke to a lot of the issues that matter to me. Um, I was disappointed actually, that she dropped out and had to suspend her campaign, and I think that, you know, there’s no question that there were obviously problems with her campaign. I think there obviously financial problems, but I don’t think that you can look at that without also looking at the fact that as a woman of color, she also faced unprecedented sexism, compounded by racism as well as as a female candidate of color.

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Watch the video:

Does she even realize she is talking about Democrats?

Does Sunny Hostin think Michelle Obama would be treated unfairly by these voters as well?

It’s ridiculous.


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