HOW EMBARRASSING: Hundreds Of People Who Worked For Obama Snub Biden And Endorse Elizabeth Warren

It has always been a little weird that Obama didn’t endorse Joe Biden.

Now, things have gotten a little weirder. Hundreds of people who were on Obama’s team have thrown Biden aside and endorsed Elizabeth Warren for 2020.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Hundreds of Obama Alumni Stab Joe Biden in the Back, Endorse Warren

Hundreds of Obama administration and campaign alumni are turning their backs on Joe Biden to support Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) in the Democratic presidential primary.

Former Barack Obama aides Sara El-Amine and Jon Carson collected more than 200 signatures from former Obama staffers endorsing Warren, CNN reports. El-Amine and Carson both worked on Obama’s 2008 campaign, but the group they assembled to publicly back Warren includes a range of officials from the Obama era.

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The list of endorsers shared with CNN includes Robert Ford, ex-US ambassador to Syria, and Sean Carroll, a former senior official at USAID. It also features Obama alumni who are currently working on the Warren campaign full-time including in senior-most positions, like Warren chief strategist Joe Rospars, senior adviser Emily Parcell, national political director Rebecca Pearcey and national director of public engagement Alencia Johnson.

How is the Biden campaign going to explain this away?

CNN has more:

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In an interview with CNN, El-Amine and Carson touted the “incredible diversity” of the group that has come out in support of Warren. The 200-plus names were collected in under a week, and they planned to continue growing the list, they said.

“We are a group that really uniquely knows that electability is self-determining and that oftentimes it’s the people with the boldest vision and the most unlikely candidacies early on who can really shift the field,” El-Amine said. “Sen. Warren really has the zest and the grit and the gumption and the audacity that we loved that President Obama really embodied.”

Asked about the decision to support Warren over Obama’s vice president, Joe Biden, Carson declined to comment on any of the other candidates. He pointed out that Warren herself is an Obama alum, having spearheaded the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis — something Warren frequently reminds voters of on the campaign trail.

This is a major embarrassment to Joe Biden.

No amount of spin will change that.


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