HOW FITTING: Obama’s Final Jobs Report is A DUD

Obama has been bragging about creating jobs and improving the economy for years. The media has played right along, repeating Obama’s claims as true and wonderful.

The American people know a different reality. That’s one of the biggest reasons Trump won the election.

Now Obama’s final jobs report is out and you’ll be shocked to learn it’s another dud.

Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Obama’s Final Jobs Report Is A Fitting End To His Presidency

Obamanomics: The last jobs report of President Obama’s presidency came out on Friday. What it says about his economic performance can be summed up in one word: Lackluster.

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The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday that the economy created a modest 156,000 new jobs in December, while the unemployment rate remained essentially unchanged at 4.7%.

Reuters, however, took this news as evidence that the economy is nearing full employment, and the White House boasted that it marks the 75th consecutive month of job growth — “more than two years longer than the next-longest streak.” The current unemployment rate is as low as it was just before the recession hit.

But look at the job market in the proper context, and Obama’s record is pretty dismal.

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Consider that in 2016, the number of jobs grew by 2 million. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? But the working-age population increased by 2.8 million.

Since 2010, the population climbed by an average of 2.5 million a year. Job growth, however, has averaged 2.2 million.

Just watch what happens now.

Trump will improve the economy and add jobs then two things will happen. Some people in media will give Obama credit for Trump’s work. Other people in media will complain about the economy and jobs even though things are improving. Count on it.


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