The left runs around claiming that conservatives are fascists and that their rights are being taken away from them. But if you pay attention to what the left is saying they want, you quickly realize that if they had the power, they would be the actual fascists taking people’s rights away.

A writer for the left wing Huffington Post just wrote a piece suggesting that white men should have their voting rights taken away. That’s racist and sexist.

Truth Revolt reports:

HuffPost: Deny White Men the Right to Vote

Writing for Huffington Post South Africa, a philosophy student named Shelley Garland proposes that white men around the world be denied the right to vote because they control too much of the wealth and because they owe it for 500 years of colonial injustice against non-whites.

Garland is described at HuffPost as “an activist and a feminist” who is “working on ways to smash the patriarchy.” Quelle surprise.

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In “Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?” Garland complains, “If white men were not allowed to vote, it is unlikely that the United Kingdom would be leaving the European Union, it is unlikely that Donald Trump would now be the President of the United States, and it is unlikely that the Democratic Alliance would now be governing four of South Africa’s biggest cities.”

Her simple solution to this ghastly state of affairs? “If white men no longer had the vote, the progressive cause would be strengthened. It would not be necessary to deny white men indefinitely – the denial of the vote to white men for 20 years (just less than a generation) would go some way to seeing a decline in the influence of reactionary and neo-liberal ideology in the world… This would also strike a blow against toxic white masculinity, one that is long needed.”

That’s how the left thinks.

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If they don’t get their way playing by the rules, they’re willing to use force.

Who are the real fascists?


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