HUGE: Republican Congressman Says Will Impeach DOJ Officials Who Don’t Turn Over Documents (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes is done playing around with the Justice Department. He claims that some officials have been stonewalling and refuse to hand over documents now that the Russia investigation has “boomeranged” on the Democrats. He also says that if they don’t get their act together swiftly, he’s going to take action. He made the remarks on the Hannity show.

The Washington Examiner has the details:

Devin Nunes: Trump’s foes getting boomeranged, could face impeachment

During an exchange with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday, the California Republican said investigations into alleged bias in the U.S. government and possible abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act could place some Democrats in jeopardy.

“The Left has continued to say this is Watergate and Trump’s going to be impeached,” Nunes said, riffing off Hannity’s misgivings with Trump’s opponents who believe his campaign colluded with the Russians during the 2016 campaign and that Trump may have obstructed justice — two matters being looked at by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“Now this has effectively boomeranged on them,” Nunes continued. “You have at least I think half of the American people now know that the other party, the Democrats, appear like they weaponized, to some degree, the intelligence services by using the foreign intelligence surveillance apparatus in this country to go and target the opposition campaign is totally unacceptable.”

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Watch the video:

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Make it happen, Mr. Nunes!


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