Hypocrisy Alert: Elizabeth Warren Demonizes Rich People While Ignoring The Fact That She Is One (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren is such a fake.

She thinks nothing of demonizing the rich as if she isn’t incredibly wealthy herself.

Watch below as she talks about how the rich may have more cars than the rest of “us” but that “they” shouldn’t have a bigger say in our democracy than us.

Who is she talking about when she says us and them?

Take a look:

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Does Elizabeth Warren think no one knows how rich she is?

This October report is from Business Insider:

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Elizabeth Warren and her husband are worth an estimated $12 million. Here’s a look at the lifestyle, finances, and real-estate portfolio of one of the leading Democratic presidential candidates.

Elizabeth Warren is one of the leading 2020 Democratic presidential candidates…

The 70-year-old former law professor has been surging across multiple polls in support, favorability, enthusiasm, and perceived electability.

Warren and her husband have an estimated combined net worth of $12 million, according to Forbes. Most of their wealth is held in retirement accounts and real estate. The senator has also brought in hundreds of thousands from book royalties.

Warren’s 2017 financial disclosures placed her net worth between $4.6 and $10.6 million, Business Insider previously reported. Today, Forbes estimates her and her husband Bruce Mann’s combined net worth to be $12 million.

Their wealth is held mainly in is held mainly in retirement accounts and real estate, according to Forbes. Warren and her husband have TIAA and CREF accounts, which are available for nonprofit employees and teachers, worth at least $4 million.

The couple also own two homes: one in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and one in Washington, DC.

What business does Elizabeth Warren have cursing the wealthy?

She is far richer than most Americans.


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