HYPOCRISY: Former Hillary Staffers Claim Bernie Sanders Insisted On Private Jet Travel In 2016 Campaign

Bernie Sanders constantly talks about climate change as if it’s the end of the world. But his actions suggest otherwise. Some former staffers for Hillary in 2016, are claiming that Bernie insisted on private jet travel.

Politico reports:

Ex-Clinton staffers slam Sanders over private jet flights

In his campaign launch video last week, Bernie Sanders singled out the fossil fuel industry for criticism, listing it among the special interests he planned to take on. But in the final months of the 2016 campaign, Sanders repeatedly requested and received the use of a carbon-spewing private jet for himself and his traveling staff when he served as a surrogate campaigner for Hillary Clinton.

In the two years following the presidential election, Sanders continued his frequent private jet travel, spending at least $342,000 on the flights.

Increased scrutiny of his travel practices, which are at odds with his positions on wealth inequality and climate change, are among the challenges Sanders will face as he makes his second White House run….

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“I’m not shocked that while thousands of volunteers braved the heat and cold to knock on doors until their fingers bled in a desperate effort to stop Donald Trump, his Royal Majesty King Bernie Sanders would only deign to leave his plush D.C. office or his brand new second home on the lake if he was flown around on a cushy private jet like a billionaire master of the universe,” said Zac Petkanas, who was the director of rapid response for the Clinton campaign.

Bernie is also under fire for saying he doesn’t want Americans to be able to keep their private health plans, even if they want to.

FOX News reports:

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Bernie Sanders says ‘no’ to Americans who want to keep private insurance under ‘Medicare-for-all’

2020 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said Monday night that under his progressive “Medicare-for-all” proposal, Americans would not be able to keep existing health insurance coverage from private plans even if they wanted to do so.

The Vermont senator told a CNN town hall that health care should be a “human right” and that the U.S. “shamefully” was the only major country on Earth “not to guarantee health care to all people.” He argued that the only “cost-effective” way to give all Americans health insurance would be with a “Medicare-for-all single-payer program.”

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer then pointed to statistics showing half of Americans get their health insurance through their employers and that a recent Gallup poll showed that 70 percent of those who get their insurance from their employers like it.

See the video in the tweet below:

Same old Bernie.


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