HYPOCRITE: Chuck Schumer Suspects Trump Team But Gives Loretta Lynch Benefit Of The Doubt (VIDEO)

If you needed further proof that what’s happening in Washington right now is nothing more than a partisan circus, intended to hurt Trump and his team, here you go.

Chuck Schumer said on Face the Nation that he has all kinds of suspicions about Attorney General Jeff Sessions but when he’s asked about former AG Loretta Lynch, he completely backs off.

Here’s a partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

Schumer: Let’s Hear What Loretta Lynch Has To Say “Before Jumping To Conclusions”

DICKERSON: Let me ask…

SCHUMER: … in public, and when — Sessions under oath.

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DICKERSON: Let me ask about the previous attorney general.

Lindsey Graham suggested she should come and the testify. Do you think she did anything wrong, based on what Jim Comey testified?

SCHUMER: Look, I heard what Comey said, and he said he was troubled by it. I respect him a great deal. But I haven’t heard Loretta Lynch’s side of the story. So, I’m not going to come to a conclusion as to who was right or wrong or whether it rises to the level that she should come testify…

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And all I am saying with Loretta Lynch is, before anyone jumps to any conclusions, we ought to hear what she has to say and let her state something privately and see if it makes much of a difference. I don’t know that it will.

Watch the whole thing or skip to the 4 minute mark:

These Democrats know exactly how full of it they really are. It’s amazing they can look themselves in the mirror.


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