HYPOCRITES: Maskless Joe Biden Gets In Close With Maskless Terry McAuliffe Supporters (VIDEO)

Joe Biden was campaigning for Terry McAuliffe in Virginia this week and you would never even know COVID existed.

Biden coughed directly into his hand and then shook hands with people.

Then Biden went out into the crowd and got up close with people and hardly anyone was wearing a mask.

Tucker Carlson talked about it on his show.

From FOX News:

It’s possible there is a legitimate public health justification for keeping Joe Biden away from major American population centers. It’s possible Joe Biden’s aides understand that Biden is too dangerous to be in Washington. He could infect millions. Consider the tape we played a few days ago of Biden sauntering maskless through a crowded restaurant in Washington.

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There he was on film, his gaping maw completely uncovered spewing hot corona breath, panting like an obscene phone caller on innocent passers-by. Diners were trapped in Biden’s path. They had no choice but to inhale clouds of Joe Biden’s personal aerosol mist. Would you like some Biden saliva with your entree tonight? No, thanks. We are getting a heaping dollop anyway, sorry.

It was repulsive and in the global pandemic, like this one, it was also recklessly dangerous. Typhoid Mary was never this brazen. But it gets worse ladies and gentlemen, and it gets even more stomach-churning. Watch, if you dare the video shot yesterday at an event that Biden did for the King of New Jersey, finance goon Phil Murphy. Ask yourself as you watch it, why hasn’t the CDC taken this man into custody?

No one from the CDC arrested Joe Biden that day, no one ever will. The people who make the rules don’t have to follow them. If there’s a single thing we’ve learned from the imposition of corona law in this country, it’s that the people who enforce these regulations don’t really believe that they work or that they matter. It’s not about public health, it’s about obedience.

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Do any of the people in this video look like they are worried about COVID?

It seems like many of the people who want to rule over others through COVID are not very concerned about COVID.


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