If Republicans Win In 2022, Should They Make Trump Speaker Of The House?

Lots of people have floated the idea of making Trump the Speaker of the House if Republicans retake Congress next fall.

The Speaker doesn’t need to be a member of Congress, so it’s actually possible to do this.

Would it be a good idea?

Conservative columnist Derek Hunter seems to think so.

He writes at Townhall:

Donald Trump For Speaker Of The House

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The Republican Party is on the cusp of a historic victory in November, provided they don’t give into what is far too often their instinct: self-destruction. No political party ever has been so adept at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Still, Republicans have all the advantages anyone could imagine – a wildly unpopular president of the other party serving as an anchor on every Democrat up for reelection, an agenda disconnected from the needs, wants, or desires of the general public, and an economy to make Jimmy Carter’s record look desirable. All they have to do is avoid all the usual infighting and general stupidity for which Washington is known. God help us.

One thing Republicans can count on is, should they manage to retake power, there will be a bunch of firing down their own trench. Circular firing squads are not unique to the GOP, but they have all but been perfected by it…

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One thing the Republican Party has going for it is there’s no lack of people who think they should be in charge. On the other hand, they have no one who can get 218 Members to support them for Speaker…except maybe one: Donald Trump.

It’s unclear as to whether or not Trump wants to be president again, but what is clear is he wants to be a player. Speaker of the House would make him the ultimate player. The Republican legislative agenda would move because of him. It’d die at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., as long as Biden resides there, but Trump could get Biden and Democrats on record as being against a great many popular proposals.

It’s certainly an interesting idea, isn’t it?

Can you even imagine the reaction from Democrats and the media?


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