Illinois Wants ‘Muslim Advisory Council’ To Guide Governor on Islamic Issues

Leaving Illinois

Legislators in Illinois have proposed a “Muslim Advisory Council” to advise the governor on issues related to Islam. It would be the first of its kind in America.

Truth Revolt reported:

Illinois Seeks Nation’s First Muslim Advisory Council

Legislation currently pending in the state of Illinois would authorize a special Muslim-only advisory council if signed by Gov. Bruce Rauner.

It would be a permanent 21-member council made up of volunteer members appointed by the governor and House and Senate members to advise the governor and the General Assembly on issues that would impact Muslim-Americans and immigrants. Meetings would be held monthly with two public hearings each year. Members would serve two-year terms and are required to have expertise in business, law, or health care.

The timing of this legislation is a bit curious, as Bruce Cornibe notes at Counter Jihad:

At the end of an especially bloody month of Ramadan, which included the worst terror attack in America since 9/11, some politicians and lawmakers feel the solution is to give Muslim community more of a voice in government.

Not to mention the mixing of religion with official state business.

“This special status for a religious group is surprising in a country that bars an official state religion,” Cornibe states. “Why wouldn’t Illinois require a Christian council? Or how about a Jewish council?”

It all makes perfect sense if you understand progressives.

In their world, Christianity is hate but Islam counts as diversity.

Is it any wonder Illinois is going broke?

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