INSANE: Liberal Stooge David Brock Claims ‘ANIMALS’ In The Press Treated Hillary Unfairly

During the 2016 election, the media acted like it was part of Hillary’s campaign. They actively defended Hillary while constantly attacking Donald Trump. But Hillary supporter David Brock thinks the media was unfair to her. He even called them animals.

Politico reports:

David Brock blasts Brooklyn, ‘animals’ in press

There aren’t many people on the planet who hate Donald Trump – and love Hillary Clinton – with the Savonarola intensity of a David Brock.

But the Democratic dark-arts impresario has come to believe, in the harsh light of last month’s bitter loss, that Clinton’s biggest problem was simply not being more like Trump, at least when it came to dealing with the press. But in an extended clear-the-decks session on POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast, he aired a long list of grievances against Clinton’s Brooklyn-based campaign for not defending her forcefully enough…

Brock, an edgy former Clinton hunter-turned-defender, is expressing an opinion increasingly being shared by many on Clinton’s campaign team: They shouldn’t have bothered to defend the endless and endlessly damaging email story – they should have refused to defend it all and pivoted to a harsh, attention-grabbing attack on her real opponent: the press.

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“Look, this is a lesson learned,” Brock told me for this week’s episode of POLITICO’s “Off Message” podcast. “Donald Trump intimidated the press and bullied the press. I’m not saying you have to intimidate and bully, but you have to be tough. The press are animals and they need to be treated that way.”

Leftists like Brock are clearly crazy.

The press couldn’t have been any nicer to Hillary.

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They just can’t accept the fact that she lost. And they’ll say anything rather than admit the truth.


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