INSPIRING: Trump Says What He’ll Do With Family Business After Becoming President (VIDEO)



Trump talks about being rich and respecting working Americans. He talks about his great relationships with all who work.

In the middle, actor Robert Davi talks about Trump:

“I was out in Long Island last night. Democrats – not one or two – but many are voting for Donald Trump. As well as Republicans. I’ve seen this all over the place. So I think there’s a big, big movement happening. And I gotta say: We need him!”

Then the video cuts to Trump being asked what he’ll do with the Trump Organization after becoming President.

Watch the whole thing:

From the video:

Question: With such vast wealth, how difficult will it be for you to disentangle yourself from your business and your money and prioritize American’s interests first?

Trump: Well, it’s an interesting question. Because I’m very proud of my company. As you know, I built a very great company. But, if I became President, I couldn’t care less about my company. I wanna use that same up here [pointing at his head] whatever it may be to Make America Rich Again. And to Make America Great Again. I have Ivanka and Eric and Don sitting there. Run the company, kids! Have a good time! I’m going to do it for America!


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