Intolerant Liberal Puts Up Nasty Trump Sign, GETS CALLED OUT By Liberal Neighbors!

Another tolerant Liberal!!

Liberal Sharon Kurinsky of Boston, Massachusetts decided she didn’t like Trump. So she put up a sign.

Here it is:

photo: Boston Herald/Matt Stone

Wow! Somebody has some anger issues.

But now, she’s getting pushback from her Liberal neighbors. 

The Boston Herald reports: 

“A Jamaica Plain woman’s decision to label her house a ‘Trump-Free Zone’ — calling President-elect Donald Trump a ‘criminal” and ‘greedy pig’ — is even offending some of her own anti-Trump neighbors in the leafy, left-leaning neighborhood.

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‘He wasn’t my candidate but I don’t agree with that type of voicing, saying those things about him,’ said Bill Nelson, who lives several houses down from the home sporting the hand-scrawled invective.

‘He’s now the president, I think we have to stand behind him and wait till he’s in office to judge him,‘ Nelson said . . . ‘Friends of mine who were Republican were criticizing him right at the beginning of his term and I said, ‘You have to give the president a chance to work things out’ . . . What I was thinking back then was true: You have to wait and see how things go.”

Good for Mr. Nelson!

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He’s standing up in the face of Liberal intolerance. And a lot of Americans agree: Wait and see what Trump does before you judge him.

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