IRONY: Elizabeth Warren Has No Sympathy For Parents Who Cheated To Get Kids Into College (VIDEO)

A huge story is exploding in America right now about how some rick parents, some of them celebrities, cheated to get their kids into college by lying and bribing certain officials.

Elizabeth Warren, who lied about her supposed Native American status to become successful in academia, was asked about this on MSNBC and said she has ‘zero’ sympathy for the parents who got caught. How ironic.

CNBC reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren says she has ‘zero’ sympathy for parents caught in college admissions scam

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren told MSNBC that she has “zero” sympathy for the dozens of parents charged in what the Justice Department says is the biggest college admissions scandal it’s ever prosecuted.

A number of wealthy parents were charged Tuesday in a $25 million scam that helped their children gain admission to top schools in the U.S., according to the DOJ. The list of those charged included high-level executives and two notable actresses.

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Parents involved in the scam allegedly funneled cash into a “charitable account.” The man who pleaded guilty to four charges in the scam, William Singer, helped the alter students’ SAT and ACT tests and helped parents bribe athletic coaches and universities to take their kids, even if they didn’t play sports, prosecutors said.

Yale University, Georgetown University, Stanford University, the University of Southern California and Wake Forest University were among the institutions that accepted children whose parents are accused in the scam.

Here’s the video:

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The woman has no shame and no self awareness at all.

People had fun with this on Twitter:

Too funny.


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