IRONY: MSNBC Tries to Smear Trump Supporters as Racists But Plays Fried Chicken Ad Instead (VIDEO)


MSNBC is like a comedy show pretending to be a news network. In a recent on the air mix-up, they planned to show a clip of Hillary Clinton calling Trump supporters racists but instead played an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The American Mirror reported:

VIDEO: MSNBC plays fried chicken ad instead of Hillary racism speech clip

MSNBC host Alex Witt wanted to play a clip of Hillary Clinton accusing Donald Trump of being a racist, but instead aired a Kentucky Fried Chicken ad.

Witt was talking to Cornell Williams Brooks of the NAACP on Saturday when he teed up a portion of Clinton’s speech.

“As you know, Hillary Clinton says that Trump’s campaign is appealing to a fringe in the Republican Party that is racist. I want to listen to part of her speech with you and get your reaction. So here it is,” Witt said.

Inexplicably, the KFC ad aired with the MSNBC graphics still on the screen.

Watch the video:

Now that’s funny.

(Image is a screen cap.)


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