IRS Was Reportedly Urged To Conduct Investigations Of Non-Profits By A John McCain Staffer

Well, this is disappointing. We already knew that Lois Lerner and the Obama administration were involved in the IRS targeting of conservative groups, but a John McCain staffer? How did that happen?

The Federalist reports:

Report: McCain Staffer Urged IRS To Conduct ‘Financially Ruinous’ Investigations Of Non-Profits

Newly public documents indicate that a top staffer for Sen. John McCain urged Internal Revenue Service officials to conduct “financially ruinous” investigations of nonprofit groups.

Judicial Watch just released a batch of internal notes from the IRS which detail a discussion between top IRS officials, including Louis Lerner, and former staff director for McCain and chief counsel on the Senate Homeland Security Permanent Subcommittee Henry Kerner, at a meeting dated April 30, 2013. The notes are an IRS staffer’s version of what happened.

As the coauthor of campaign finance regulations known as McCain-Feingold, McCain has long urged more government restrictions on political speech and activity. He notably criticized the Citizens United ruling, calling it the “most egregious decision of the United States Supreme Court in the 21st century,” because it enabled corporations to spend money on political messaging via independent nonprofit organizations.

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In the 11 pages of notes, Kerner reportedly asked the IRS what tools the federal agency had to monitor and crack down on organizations that may abusing their nonprofit status.

Just another reminder that the swamp is much bigger than anyone realizes.


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