IRS Workers Busted For Fraud, ID Theft And Defrauding The Government

IRS sign

Do you think anyone in this case will go to jail? Of course not. As Hillary Clinton has already proved, no one in government has to obey laws like the little people.

The Washington Examiner reports:

IRS workers guilty of ID theft, taking bribes, defrauding the feds

The government watchdog overseeing the IRS announced Wednesday that three IRS employees are facing prison time for their efforts to defraud the government.

The IRS has been targeted by Republicans as an agency in desperate need of reform, after the agency announced it was targeting conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status.

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration routinely reports on other problems related to the conduct of IRS workers, and announced three new developments related to IRS mischief:

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Taking bribes

Paul G. Hurley, who worked in Seattle, was found guilty of taking bribes from a part owner of a chain of recreational marijuana shops.

“Hurley seemed sympathetic to the taxpayer regarding the [Internal Revenue Code’s] prohibition against deductions and credits for businesses in the marijuana industry and talked about being unhappy at the IRS,” the watchdog said.

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Hurley bragged about saving the business owner $1 million, and said he was living “paycheck to paycheck.”

“Initially, Hurley wanted the taxpayer to pay off his student loans in small amounts over time, but when the taxpayer declined, Hurley said he wanted cash,” the watchdog said. “Hurley and the taxpayer scheduled a time to meet several days later. Hurley told the taxpayer not to tell anyone, not even his business partner.”

Hurley took a $5,000 payment, and then a $15,000 payment from the business owner. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison, plus three years of probation.

There’s more.

If no one went to jail for targeting the Tea Party, no one is going to jail for this.


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