Is She Alright? Nancy Pelosi Stutters, Has Trouble Forming The Correct Words (VIDEO)

During a recent press appearance, Nancy Pelosi did not seem well. She repeatedly stuttered and seemed to have trouble choosing the correct words. She was forced to correct herself repeatedly. As you’ll see in the video below, it was quite remarkable.

The American Mirror has more details:

Pelosi repeatedly says incorrect words: ‘Commensurate — common sense’, ‘Tax force — task force’

Nancy Pelosi’s ongoing bizarre behavior may be a key reason why many Democrats are refusing to support her for a potential future leadership position.

As the House Minority Leader spoke to reporters in Thursday, she repeatedly used the wrong word in sentences, awkwardly correcting herself so she was clear to the journalists.

Speaking about new gun control legislation, she said there is a “commensurate bi-partisan — common sense bi-partisan supp, uh, path forward.”

Moments later, she repeated words and mistakenly said “tax force,” before enunciating “task force.”

Pelosi fell back into previous talking points, nearly saying “comprehensive immigration bill” when talking about gun control.

“So we’re just say to, we’re just saying to the Speaker, ‘Give us a vote, just give us a vote,’” she repeated.

Watch the video:

This is one reason why some Democrats are calling for new leadership in their party. Pelosi is past retirement age. They need younger people.

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