IT BEGINS: Churches in Iowa Forced to Create Transgender Bathrooms

Iowa Church

The First Amendment is fading quickly from American life, thanks to Democrats and their progressive agenda. Live and let live is no longer good enough when it comes to dealing with the LGBT community.

Massive changes are already happening in America’s heartland.

The Daily Wire reported:

So It Begins: Iowa Forces Churches To Create Transgender Bathrooms, Bars Preaching

We knew they were coming for churches next, and so it begins.

New Orwellian regulations, based upon the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identify (SOGI) law passed in Iowa in July of 2007, are targeting churches, forcing them to capitulate to the Left’s transgender agenda, making it now illegal to resist such an order, despite your protections under the First Amendment.

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Yes, I’m talking about Iowa, as in that state in AMERICA.

Churches are now mandated to open their bathrooms, locker-rooms and living facilities to subjectively claimed “gender identity” rather than biology; religious leaders and church-goers will be forced to use the so-called “correct” gender pronouns to those who perceive themselves to be the sex they are not; church leaders will also be essentially muzzled from preaching about basic sexual and gender truths in order to avoid hurt feelings—because hurting someone’s feelings is apparently “discrimination” now.

Clearly, LGBT bureaucrats on a war-path for “inclusivity” and “tolerance” are willing to steamroll the First Amendment as they see fit, and taking out some bigoted religious folk in the process is presumably just a bonus.

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Progressives are playing the long game with our Constitutional rights.

Rather than making bold moves all at once, they’re chipping away a little bit, day after day, week after week, year after year.

If this course of action isn’t stopped and reversed, many Americans won’t recognize their own country in a very short matter of time.



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